Les premières collaborations créatives

The first creative collaborations

You may have noticed that in the last two collections,morning mist Andjust like grandma, some creations are the result of collaborations. I would like to come back to these last ones to tell you their story...

I wanted for a long time to offer you more diversity in the creations present onThe Lunar Shop. This is why I wanted to work with other designers, to make you discover their work, to offer you pieces that fall under manufacturing techniques different from mine, and thus, to offer you more choices of creations made by hand.

THEMorning Mist bag corduroy

If you follow me oninstagram, you must have already seen me mention Cécile de@bloodyberryshop. A long-time friend, it seemed natural to me to turn to her when I wanted to develop collaborative creations. More than a year ago, Cécile openedhis shop handmade sewing pieces: handbags, backpacks, clutches, scrunchies, clothes... I've always loved her corduroy handbag model. We therefore imagined a set, which would correspond to the universe of the Morning Mist collection, taking up the dominant tones of the collection: the brown-beige of the wheat fields, contrasted with the blue-gray of a misty morning.

This is how we turned to an iced brown corduroy fabric, with an inner lining in sky blue cotton, with a plant motif. We've added a front pocket, specially designed for hangingcollection pins (I'bee, THEbeetle and themagnifying glass, or those that will make you happy!), and a pocket inside the bag to slip the objects you want to keep easily accessible.

Crochet floral bucket hats

This summer, during my first season on the markets (I told you about it in the previous article), I met Camille: a real creative Swiss army knife, she has a tattoo, makes ceramic pieces, and also crochets. I fell in love with a bucket hat she had done for herself and the idea of ​​the collaboration quickly followed.


I wanted models reminiscent of Morning Mist bags, which is why we came up with two colors:beige Orsky blue. The original version of Camille's bucket hat was dotted with flowers, a detail that I wanted to keep, because they add a cheerful touch, maybe a little hippy side, while integrating discreetly into the hat.


Each bob is therefore handmade, with various sizes, from XS to L (remember to measure your head circumference to find out which one would suit you). I can't wait for them to find their future owners...


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