Des bijoux en résine inspirés par la nature, faits main, uniques.

Handmade and unique jewelry inspired by nature.

The story of my resin jewelry

It is first of all the story of a summer. The desire to meet you, to leave the screen that separated me from your smiles, and the desire to get closer to nature. This is how I landed in Gironde (France), between forest and ocean, to make my first season on the open air markets.

Before this adventure, my resin jewelry was limited to a few models offered online. But to fill a stand, I had to create more. So, keeping my first inspiration, which was to embed flower petals in the resin, I varied the models, styles, colors...

Today I offer you unique pieces (because even if some models can be repeated, each leaf and each flower remains unique), with a wider but still natural color range (since these are only the colors that nature offers), a fine and delicate style that will adapt to your respective styles, durable materials, and always, nature as the inspiration.

fleurs bijoux résine

bijoux résine

Plants and minerals: nature as an inspiration

Each jewel contains flower petals, leaves, and/or minerals. These last are fragments of semi-precious stones such as rose quartz or peridot (also called olivine), which keep their properties even "through" the resin.

Whole flowers, flower petals, leaves and all the plants are picked by myself in Gironde, respecting nature. Indeed, when it comes to wild picking, I ensure that the area allows it, and rest assured, the quantities picked are too small to harm the growth of the remaining plants. Then I dry the harvest so the colors will not deteriorate over time. 

This approach allows me to create through the seasons, with the possibilities that nature offers me, and in return, I try to offer you original compositions, micro-universes frozen in time.

Sustainable materials

  • Stainless steel

304 stainless steel is intended to be strong, durable and recyclable. But it is also for its hypoallergenic properties that I chose this material. The parts of the jewelry in contact with your skin are made of 304 stainless steel (the chains of the necklaces and the hooks of the earrings), while the decorative suns are made of brass.

  • Resin

Although its glass-like appearance might suggest that it is fragile, the resin is on the contrary very resistant. It is a light material, which makes the jewel pleasant to wear; however, if you drop it, there is no risk that it will break.


Maintenance tips

  • For stainless steel

Despite its robustness against corrosion, it should be taken care of. Indeed, depending on its composition and the environment to which it is exposed, this steel can darken over time, even if it remains much more resistant to oxidation than most other alloys.
To keep your jewelry sparkling, I simply advise you not to wear it in water, and when you remove it, keep it in a jewerly box so that they are not in contact with oxidizing agents.

  • For the resin

From time to time, simply pass a soft cloth over the resin part of your jewellery, to remove any deposits and maintain their shine. It's exactly like a pair of glasses!


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